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Introducing WBF Turkey Representative Ferdi Kali
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FEATURE   Photo: New World Boxing Federation (WBF) representative for Turkey, Mr. Ferdi Kali.

New World Boxing Federation (WBF) Turkey representative Ferdi Kali was born in February of 1982 in Kigi, Turkey. The following is a quick interview, intoducing him as a valuable part of the WBF team.

Q: What is your background and experience in boxing?

A: My life in boxing began in 2014 when my son started boxing as an amateur. In 2020 I started working as a promoter and manager, along with my partner Volkan Dogan.

Q: Appointed as WBF Representative for Turkey, how do you see the sport in Turkey at the moment?

A: My assesment of professional boxing in Turkey at the moment is rather negative, as many promoters in Turkey take advantage of the situations and literally take money out of the boxers pockets.

I would like to get the World Boxjng Federation off to a good start in Turkey, and bring boxing to a higher level and give it a good reputation in Turkey.

Q: How do you hope to develop the WBFs presence in Turkey?

A: The WBF events we do in Turkey will be published in all media, and the proceeds should be donated to various charities. Through events like this, with honest intentions, boxing in Turkey will get a positive reputation, which will also reflect positively on the WBF.

Q: How do you see the WBF develop world-wide in the years to come?

A: The WBF is one of the biggest organizations, and in my opinion it will only get stronger and stronger.

Q: Do you have a message to Turkish promoters and boxers, whom you hope to work with in the years to come?

A: It has noe become known in Turkey that I am the new WBF representative for Turkey, and many promoters and managers have already contacted me and are impatiently waiting for us to come to Turkey.

Our first plan is a show in Istanbul with title fights involving top boxers, in order to advance the WBF in Turkey.

Q: Anything else?

A: I am going to represent the WBF with pride. I want to thank Mr. Christian Roesen, the WBF executive Director, who gracefully handed this task over to me. I will let the WBF flourish in Turkey, and not disappoint.

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